Great Russell Street Chambers offers a service for litigants in person, for example where you wish to conduct a case yourself or where you cannot afford lawyers, GRSC offers bespoke services where you can pick and choose the services that you require when you want to access them.

All fees relate to the amount of work, therefore the more documents and more complex, the more likely the fee is to increase. However, a fixed fee can be agreed. 

For example:

Telephone conference

A straight forward call where Counsel assesses whether you can instruct Counsel directly or you need to instruct a solicitor is free. Please note that Counsel cannot give free legal advice. However, this call will assist you establish what type of legal service is best suited to you.

Where clients book in for a conference and gain advice, the fees start at £250.  Often, when people get advice at the start, they can save money, and they can decide to agree a settlement or approach a case differently, or go full steam ahead if they wish. 


Written advice starts at £350, including the reading of documents as agreed between Counsel and the client.

Employment Action - Drafting ET1 

Where a claim is simple [for lawyers], the cost can be as little as £300 for drafting. More complicated cases involving discrimination or whistleblowing require many more hours, but Chambers fixed fees can be as little as £450 for the document drafting.

Defending an Employment claim - [ET3]

Where a response is straight forward, the ET3 can cost as little as £400 .  Where the case involves discrimination or whilstleblowing the fees are likely to start around £500 .  

Drafting particulars/ issuing a claim

Counsel are able to advise on correct documentation, procedure and draft particulars.  Fees for County Court drafting start at £250.  Fees for High Court Drafting start at £350.  See Drafting ET1 above for employment claims. 

Drafting an appeal/ issuing an appeal

Counsel can advise on the correct procedure, the correct documentation and draft the appropriate documents.  Fees start at £750. 

Drafting a witness statement

Drafting fees start at £250.

Drafting a Skeleton Argument [including authorities]

Drafting of skeleton arguments starts at £350. 

Representation at hearings

Applications or representing respondents to an application - the fixed fees start at £350.

Small Claims - fixed fees start at £350.

Injunctions - fixed fees start at £500.

Representation at tribunal [ET] - fixed fees start at £350 for half a day, full day fees start at £750 .