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Simple Fee Structures

Hourly rates:  

Hourly rates are dependent upon the type of case and the barrister you choose to instruct. However, please call on 020 8144 5724 or email us to discuss as we will always try to assist where we can. 

Fixed fees:

We are efficient and can agree a 'capped' amount, which we refer to as 'fixed fees'. This means that we can agree a fixed fee that will be paid by you for the work you require. We also have various package deals available, for example fixed fee packages for ET1/ET3 or company formation.

Call 020 8144 5724 or email us for a list of current fixed fees.

For a free initial consultation to assess whether you should instruct Counsel directly or not, call Great Russell Street Chambers  on 020 8144 5724 and where appropriate you will have the benefit of a free initial telephone conference with a Barrister.  Please note that this does not include free advice, but an initial consultation to assess what you require and whether your case is appropriate for Direct/Public Access or a solicitor.

Alternatively, please email info@greatrussellstreetchambers.co.uk.


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